A History of Finland sold to Azerbaijan

Henrik Meinander (photo: Kenneth Bamberg)

April has been a great month for the Finnish nonfiction: after just announcing the World English deal for Henrik Meinander’s book about Marshal Mannerheim, we are now happy to share that foreign rights of the author’s A History of Finland have been sold to Azerbaijan. The publisher is Kitabistan.

This is the 14th foreign rights deal for the book.

The Azeri language edition is scheduled to be published on the occasion of the Finnish Independence Day, the 6th of December.

Henrik Meinander (b. 1960) is a professor of history at the University of Helsinki and the author of many acclaimed books on Finnish and Nordic history. He was formerly curator of the Mannerheim Museum in Helsinki.

Congratulations to the author!

Piia Leino’s thriller Apogee sold to Hungary

Happy news from Hungary! Piia Leino’s sci-fi thriller Apogee (2021) has been sold to Metropolis Media.

Apogee (2021)

Metropolis Media’s list consists of various collections, such as Nobel Prize winners, EU Prize for literature nominees and winners, as well as other high quality fiction. They have previously published Juhani Karila’s novel Fishing for the Little Pike, and acquired the rights for E. L. Karhu’s novel To My Brother earlier this month.

Piia Leino won the EU Prize for Literature in 2018 with her novel Heaven, sold to 13 territories.

“[…] like Philip K. Dick, Piia Leino has a gift for incredibly fluid narration. The topics of Overtime may be weighty, but the storytelling is light. One doesn’t come across such a combination every day.”
– Keskisuomalainen newspaper on Overtime

Congratulations to the author!

Two-book deal for Leena Krohn in Croatia

Every foreign rights deal is a small celebration at the agency, but the modern classics sales are something we are especially happy about and proud of: it is a privilege to introduce for the first time some of the biggest names in the Finnish literary scene to the foreign readers.

Tainaron (2006 edition)

Croatian publisher Hangar 7 will now publish two titles of Leena Krohn: the iconic novel Tainaron (1985 | 2006) and just as big success, novel Hotel Sapiens (2013).

Hangar 7 was founded in 2011, and is a publisher of some of the most legendary sci-fi and speculative fiction titles from all over the world. Among its authors are Stanislaw Lem, The Strugacki Brothers, Fonda Lee and others.

Leena Krohn’s (b. 1947) writing forms an impressive body of work. She has developed her ideas from the visible and the invisible, from consciousness and self, death and life, reality and illusion, good and evil. Her sly humor and lucid language speak of our existence in very strange realms with courage and intelligence. One of the greatest visionaries in Finnish literature, Krohn’s works have been translated to over 20 languages.

Congratulations to the author!

Thai rights for Minna Eväsoja’s nonfiction Shoshin sold

In turbulent times like ours, few things can offer consolation – literature, of course, being one of them.

Shoshin (2018)

Minna Eväsoja’s 2018 nonfiction Shoshin – The Mind of a Novice conveys the true beauty and calmness of Japanese philosophy, which the Thai publisher Nava deemed perfect for the age we live in: the Thai deal was closed in the end of April.

Nava Publishing has previously acquired a few titles from Finland, including illustrated children’s fiction by Salla Savolainen and Aino Havukainen & Sami Toivonen.

Congratulations to the author!

27th territory for Things that Fall from the Sky

We are so thrilled to announce that one of the most internationally successful Finnish titles, Selja Ahava’s 2015 novel Things that Fall From the Sky, has now been sold to the Dutch publisher Alfabet.

Oneworld edition of Things that Fall from the Sky

Alfabet is a brand new house founded in 2020, joining editors from various established houses with years of experience. Their aim is to publish fiction and nonfiction “written by true story-tellers”.

This is the 27th foreign rights deal for the novel, making it one of the best internationally sold titles from Finland. It was awarded the European Union Prize for Literature in 2015, as well as nominated for various prestigious awards, including Warwick Prize and DUBLIN Award.

Congratulations to the author!