Leena Krohn

Leena Krohn’s (b. 1947) writing forms an impressive body of work. She has developed her ideas from the visible and the invisible, from consciousness and self, death and life, reality and illusion, good and evil. Her sly humor and lucid language speak of our existence in very strange realms with courage and intelligence. One of the greatest visionaries in Finnish literature, Krohn’s works have been translated to over 20 languages.

After her debut Green Revolution (1970) Krohn has created a number of literary works, including novels, children’s books, short stories and essays. She has been awarded the Finlandia Prize in 1993 for Mathematical Creatures or Shared Dreams, and nominated for it for Hotel Sapiens (2013). Tainaron (1985) was a nominee for the World Fantasy Award and International Horror Guild Award, and The Bee Pavillion (2006) a nominee for the Nordic Council Literature Prize. Among other awards, Krohn has received also the State Award for Literature.

(Photo: Katri Lassila)

Tainaron (2006 | 1985)

Hotel Sapiens (2013)

Mistake (2015)

The Pelican’s New Clothes – A Story from the City (1976)