Leena Krohn: A Letter to Buddha

A fast-paced poetic narrative that will set your thoughts and imagination into motion.

Author: Leena Krohn
Finnish original: Kirje Buddhalle
Publisher: Teos, 2016
Genre: literary fiction
Number of pages:  64 pp.
Reading material: Finnish original

One postmarked day, the Postmaster expedites an important delivery. It’s a letter to Buddha. A conscientious Mailman takes on the task, even though he’ll have to come up with the address himself. Where would he find Buddha?

The Mailman, who strongly resembles the surrealist artist Hieronymos Bosch, attaches magical ice skates to his feet, on which it’s possible to glide over sand. However, the footwear doesn’t shorten the journey when the recipient of the letter doesn’t want to be found. His hunched back aches and his nose hurts, but the Mailman is persistent. He gets to hear financial tips and the whispers of a rose, meet the Pharaoh, and visit the Moon. The Buddha stays hidden, though.

Should I just give up, thinks the melancholy Mailman. Is it time to admit that the letter didn’t reach its destination?

Leena Krohn’s fast-paced and beautiful poetic narrative will set your thoughts in motion and provide plenty of food for the imagination. Another story is composed of photographs of miniature landscapes and interiors constructed by the author, to which the Mailman stops along his way.

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About the author:
Leena Krohn