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We are continuing our creative literary interviews series with HLA’s writers! Legendary Pirkko Saisio, a six-time nominee for the Finlandia prize and the winner in 2003 discusses writing processes, artistic stereotypes and irony, and tells the best curse word so far. Read the entire interview here.

Niillas Holmberg nominated for the Nordic Council Literature Prize

Sami poet, musician, actor, and cultural and environmental activist Niillas Holmberg was nominated for the Nordic Council Literature Prize for his new poetry collection Underfoot.

As the jury stated in its rationale:

Underfoot is like a political and cunning joik that even the underworld can rely on. This is a volume of poetry in which both the illustrations and the well-chosen words build an aesthetic that allows for a broader mindset towards nature conservation, in terms of both willingness and knowledge.

Underfoot is a collection of poems that emphasises the connection between people and the earth. It praises nature folklore whilst questioning whether it fits in with our contemporary mind and way of life.

It is the second time Holmberg was been shortlisted for the award. More information can be found on Nordic Council’s website.

Congratulations to the author!