A Dog Called Cat & sequel sold to Päike ja pilv

A Dog Called Cat finds a home in Estonia.

The Dog Called Cat (2015)

The Estonian rights of the beautiful and beloved children’s book A Dog Called Cat with its sequel A Dog Called Cat meets a Cat have been sold to the Estonian publisher Päike ja pilv.

Poet Tomi Kontio’s illustrator Elina Warsta’s A Dog Called Cat is a story about a small dog, a man called Weasel and about a friendship that changes everything.

A Dog Called Cat Meets a Cat (2019)

The rights have been previously sold to Lata de Sal in Spain and Nieko Rimto in Lithuania.

Juha Hurme’s NUTTER sold to Onufri

The story of a nutter travels to Albania

Nutter (Hullu, 2012)

Nutter is a story about a man who’s mind decides to go for a walk one day. The man manages to take himself to a psychiatric ward to recover.

The outcome is a novel filled with dark humor, authenticity and insight. Compared to Ken Kesey’s legendary One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest, it is a rare treat.

The Albanian rights have been sold to Onufri in Albania. The novel was recently published in German by Kommode Verlag.

Juha Hurme is one of Finland’s most loved and celebrated writers, known also for his innovative theatre. Hurme came to prominence in 2017 when he won the Finlandia Prize for his novel Headland.

Interviews with writers!

We are continuing our creative literary interviews series with HLA’s writers! Finlandia Prize-awarded Riikka Pelo, the author of the incredibly painful, deeply multilayered, breathtaking reflection of our time All that Is Alive discusses compassion, Rilke’s angels and our cultural roots. And of course, the beloved questionnaire! Read the interview here.

(Photo: Liisa Takala)

Leino’s HEAVEN sold to Widnograg

Piia Leino’s EU Prize for Literature winning novel Heaven has been sold to Widnograg in Poland.

Heaven (2018)

Heaven is a dystopian thriller set in Helsinki of 2050s. In it, topical issues such as climate change, growing inequality, technological inventions’ power and nationalist movements form a page-turning read.

Heaven has gotten glowing reviews in Finland. In addition to the European Union Prize for Literature 2019 it won the Helsinki Metropolitan Library Helmet Literature Prize given to the future classic of Finnish literature.

You can read more about the novel here.