Passion by Pirkko Saisio sold to Poland

Passion, the newest novel by Pirkko Saisio, is now travelling to Poland, where it will be published by Poznanskie. The deal has been brought to us by our Polish co-agents at Book/Lab.

Passion, the newest novel by author Pirkko Saisio is travelling to Poland, where it will be published by Poznanskie. This is the third language territory for this Finlandia-nominated title, that has already travelled to Estonia and the Czech Republic. The deal has been brought to us by our Polish co-agents at Book/lab.

Passion (Passio, 2021)

Pirkko Saisio made history earlier this year with the Helsinki Trilogy by becoming the first contemporary Finnish author whose work will be published in the Penguin Modern Classics.

Passion, is an enchanting tale with the atmosphere of an arcane legend, and a Tarkovskian chronicle of Europe centered on life’s purpose and the search for meaning.

In Passion, it is the 16th century, and Florence is in the immediate aftermath of religious fanatic Savonarola’s death, and the nobility can go back to its ways. The Princess Vasari is especially happy to be able to wear the beautiful necklace her husband has gifted her. It is no ordinary necklace, and there is no peace for its keeper. The jewel, which holds the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil travels from owner to owner, and country to country, to Krakow and further north, ultimately to Finland.

Poznanskie is one of the leading publishers is Poland and the publisher of, among others, Iida Turpeinen‘s Beasts of the Sea.

The acquiring editor at Poznanskie Paulina Surniak said: “Passion is a rich tapestry of stories and settings, linked by an almost mythical, symbolic object. An intriguing book that can be read at many different levels. I’m very excited and can’t wait for the Polish edition.”

The translator Sebastian Musielak commented: [Reading] Pirkko Saisio’s Passio is like taking a rest from our gloom, overly politicized reality and swallowing a huge pill of pure reading joy. For me, this is Saisio the Storyteller at her best, who can ideally temper her language to the content and touch the most potent themes of humankind – love, death, regeneration – with unnerving power of a myth. I am very happy that Wydawnictwo Poznańskie have heard me and chosen Passio for their exquisite Scandinavian Series / Seria skandynawska.

Warmest congratulations to the author and the publisher!

Edith Södergran’s biography by Agneta Rahikainen travels to Denmark

Edith Södergran’s biography by Agneta Rahikainen, the leading expert on Södergran’s poetry, is now travelling to Denmark, where it will be published by Turbine.

Edith Södergran was one of the greatest lyrical voices from Finland, and a modern classic. Her biography by Agneta Rahikainen, who with 30 years of research on Södergran is the leading expert in the field, is now travelling to Denmark, where it will be published by Turbine.

Agneta Rahikainen, Stjärnfångerska (2023)

Edith Södergran (1892-1923) was one of the giants of the Swedish-speaking literature, and one of the first modernist writing in Swedish. With influences from Symbolism and Expressionism, she debuted at 24 with Dikter (“Poems”) and released four collections of poems during her life. Landet som icke är (“The Land that is not”) was released posthumously, after Södergran died aged only 31.

Södergran enjoyed worldwide fame and appreciation, and is a unique lyrical voice whose poetry is still gaining in popularity and status today: her writing has never stopped attracting attention, and there is a growing interest in her biography and persona.

In this biography by Agneta Rahikainen, we follow a fascinating narration of Södergran’s life story, from her upbringing in St Petersburg, to her passion for photography and her debut as an author, and then the time in sanatoria and eventually the in Raivola, Carelia, leading up to her death. Edith Södergran’s life was exceedingly short, but eventful and marked by the unruly times she lived in: the last days of Tsarist Russia, the war, and the outbreak of tuberculosis of the early 1900s. Her poetry enjoyed worldwide appreciation, and was translated into 27 languages.

Agneta Rahikainen (1963) is a literary scholar and non-fiction author, who has written two more books about Södergran and, among others, a book about syphilis (Smittans rike: Om syfilis i konst, kultur och kropp) published by the Swedish publisher Natur&Kultur.

Turbine is a publishing house based in Aarhus, founded in 2004. With an impressive over 400 titles a year, they have quickly earned a spot among the leading publishing houses in Denmark, and they have previously published Edith Södergran’s poems in Danish.

Warmest congratulations to the author and the publisher!

Beasts of the Sea awarded the Storytel Award

Beasts of the Sea, the record-breaking debut novel by Iida Turpeinen read by Marcus Bäckman on Storytel, is this year’s winner of the Storytel Award in the category literary fiction.

The Storytel Award jury consisted of author and producer Jenni Pääskysaari, screen writer Reeta Ruotsalainen and Evita Lestinen, chief editor of one of Finland’s most popular media. All three share a background in media and literature, and have stated that their decision was unanimous and motivated as follows:

Beasts of the Sea (Elolliset, 2023)

“The work is literature and literary art at its best. In it a skilful, first-class word use is paired with clear thinking and social commentary without being preachy. In and in between the lines there is a huge amount of background research, and the researched information is beautifully woven into the artful prose of the story and the ideas of the main characters.

Three centuries of unfolding narrative does not bow to history or its characters. It holds its grip without gimmickry. Not twists and turns and drama for the sake of twists and turns and drama, but the drama is created by the dialogue between past, present and future that inevitably starts up inside the reader and the listener. The work evokes powerful emotions and thoughts, and not all of them are easy and positive.

Storytel Awards winners

This world-class work is an ode to science, art and the preservation of nature. The climate crisis and the human-induced sixth mass extinction are haunting, as they should be. But alongside the irritation, frustration, anxiety and sadness, there is hope in the listening and reading experience. Awakening and awareness are the first steps on the road to change and action, and that is the path the work guides the audience along.”

The other winners were Rósa & Björk by Satu Rämö (crime), Aleksi from Finland by Tuomas Kyrö (non-fiction), The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo by Taylor Jenkins Reid (romance) and “My Amazing Life” by Mandimai Sundberg (children’s).

Beasts of the Sea quickly became the most internationally successful debut from Finland in autumn 2023. It has currently travelled to 22 language territories, and continues to attract attention from critics, publishers and readers all over the world. In the book, the lives of people across three centuries are tied together by Steller’s sea cow, a sirenian mammal lost to extinction. In Finland, the book is published by Kustantamo S&S.

Warmest congratulations to the authors and the publishers!

Beasts of the Sea wins the Blogistania Award

Beasts of the Sea, the hot book of autumn 2023 now sold to 22 language territories, has won the Blogistania Award.

Every year Finnish literature bloggers, bookstagrammers and booktubers are invited to weigh in and choose the best book of the past year: this time their clear favourite has been Beasts of the Sea by Iida Turpeinen.

The Blogistania Award is a yearly award for four different categories: best domestic book, best foreign book in translation, best non-fiction book, and best children’s and YA book.

Beasts of the Sea brought home the Blogistania Finlandia Award, for the best domestic book, while for the other categories Martha Wells’ The Murderbot Diaries, Tommi Kinnunen & Minna Rytisalo’s latest non-fiction and J. S. Meresmaa’s and Leena Paasio’s latest works were awarded the respective prizes.

Iida Turpeinen (Photo: Susanna Kekkonen)

Beasts of the Sea is the ground-breaking debut novel of author and researcher Iida Turpeinen and it weaves together science and world-class literature: its red thread is a now extinct beast of the sea, Steller’s sea cow, and we follow the lives of the people who, over the course of three centuries, were on its tracks to try and give back to humanity a piece of nature otherwise lost forever.

Beasts of the Sea, published in Finland by publishing house S&S, has written Finnish literary history on the international arena, as its rights were quickly sold to over dozen areas with aggressive pre-empts and in heated auctions. The rights have currently been sold to 22 territories.

The book quickly became a critics’ favourite as well: it was awarded the Helsingin Sanomat Literature Prize for the best debut, and it was nominated for the Finlandia Award, the Adlibris Award, and the Torch-Bearer Prize.

Warmest congratulations to the author and the publishers!

Fishing For the Little Pike ranked in the top 10 Bestseller List at Warwicks Bookstore

More amazing news for Fishing For the Little Pike by Juhani Karila: the book has been featured in the top 10 Bestseller list at Warwicks Bookstore, an iconic indie bookstore in San Diego, California.

American readers are increasingly fascinated with Juhani Karila‘s Fishing For The Little Pike: after receiving an honourable mention for the Crawford Award and a nomination for the Foreword Indie Book of the Year Award, the book has been ranked in the top 10 best-selling titles of the iconic indie bookstore Warwicks, in San Diego, California.

Warwicks top ten bestsellers of early March

In the list Karila is in the great company of, among others, the Man Booker Prize winner Paul Lynch, with his Prophet Song, Yangsze Choo, James McBride and Paulo Coelho.

Fishing For the Little Pike is Juhani Karila’s debut novel and it follows Elina Ylijaako, a young woman who is under the spell of a curse that forces her to travel back to her home village in the Finnish Lapland to fish a specific pike from a specific pond every year, or she and her childhood love will die. This year, however, the supernatural gets in the way in the form of a mythological creature haunting the pond, all while a detective is on her trail as she is suspected of murder. Funny, surprisingly wise and proudly weird, Fishing For the Little Pike was an instant hit upon its release, and it has so far travelled to 17 language territories. In Finland, it is published by Siltala, and in the US it is distributed by Restless Books.

Warm congratulations!