Fishing For the Little Pike ranked in the top 10 Bestseller List at Warwicks Bookstore

More amazing news for Fishing For the Little Pike by Juhani Karila: the book has been featured in the top 10 Bestseller list at Warwicks Bookstore, an iconic indie bookstore in San Diego, California.

American readers are increasingly fascinated with Juhani Karila‘s Fishing For The Little Pike: after receiving an honourable mention for the Crawford Award and a nomination for the Foreword Indie Book of the Year Award, the book has been ranked in the top 10 best-selling titles of the iconic indie bookstore Warwicks, in San Diego, California.

Warwicks top ten bestsellers of early March

In the list Karila is in the great company of, among others, the Man Booker Prize winner Paul Lynch, with his Prophet Song, Yangsze Choo, James McBride and Paulo Coelho.

Fishing For the Little Pike is Juhani Karila’s debut novel and it follows Elina Ylijaako, a young woman who is under the spell of a curse that forces her to travel back to her home village in the Finnish Lapland to fish a specific pike from a specific pond every year, or she and her childhood love will die. This year, however, the supernatural gets in the way in the form of a mythological creature haunting the pond, all while a detective is on her trail as she is suspected of murder. Funny, surprisingly wise and proudly weird, Fishing For the Little Pike was an instant hit upon its release, and it has so far travelled to 17 language territories. In Finland, it is published by Siltala, and in the US it is distributed by Restless Books.

Warm congratulations!