Erlandsson’s Pearl Fisher sold to Estonia

The Pearl Fisher (2017)

Karin Erlandsson’s adventurous children’s novel The Pearl Fisher has been sold to Sinisukk in Estonia.

Sinisukk is one of the biggest publishers of children’s literature in Estonia, with authors such as Astrid Lindgren, P. L. Travers and Rachel Renée Russell on their list.

Pearl Fisher is the first book of four part series Song for the Eye Gemstone. It won the publisher’s children’s novel competition, was nominated for Arvid Lydecken Prize and won the prestigeous Runeberg Junior Prize in February 2018. At the moment is nominated for the Nordic Council Literature Prize in two categories (Finland and Åland).

Karin Erlandsson (b. 1978) works as a journalist in Åland. She has written before three novels for adult readers, The Mink Farm (2014) shortlisted for the Nordic Council Literature Prize, and a cook book. The Pearl Fisher (2017) is her first children’s novel.

Ahava’s Before My Husband Disappears sold to Denmark

Before My Husband Disappears (2017)

Danish publishing house Jensen & Dalgaard has acquired Selja Ahava’s new novel Before My Husband Disappears – a story about a woman who’s life is changed by a single sentence. Published in Finnish in autumn 2017, the novel has gotten an enormous amount of attention in Finland.

Jensen & Dalgaard have just published Ahava’s previous novel Things that Fall from the Sky that was awarded with European Union Prize for Literature in 2016 and nominated for the Finlandia  Prize and the Torch-bearer Prize. The novel has been sold so far to 16 countries.

Selja Ahava (b. 1974) is a dramaturge and a scriptwriter. Before My Husband Disappears is her third novel.

Spring highlights from HLA!

The Bologna fair just over and the London fair right around the corner, we are happy to share some highlights of our spring catalogues (you can check them as a whole here)!

LITERARY FICTION list is pouring with both awarded authors as new voices.

Headland (2017)

Finlandia Prize 2017

Juha Hurme’s HEADLAND, latest Finlandia Prize winner with the printrun of the amazing 100,000 copies is a cultural history of the peninsula that later became known as Finland – from the Big Bang till year 1809, told in the breakneck style of Juha Hurme.




The Mother of All Losses (2017)

Runeberg Prize 2016

Marjo Niemi’s MOTHER OF ALL LOSSES, latest Runeberg Prize winner is a frantic monologue from a daughter to a mother that carries the reader with its unique rythm to the feelings of shame and guilt – a book infuriatingly funny and deeply touching at the same time.




Before My Husband Disappears (2017)

from the winner of European Union Prize for Literature

Selja Ahava’s BEFORE MY HUSBAND DISAPPEARS is the new novel of the author of European Union Prize of Literature winning Things that Fall from the Sky that has been sold to 16 countries so far. With her unique voice Ahava tells a story of a lives that start to change from one sentence.



COMMERCIAL FICTION list is growing both on the crime and the cozy side! These two are on the not too cozy side, though…

Vantaa – Large Blue (2018)

Hardboiled crime from Finland’s New Jersey

J.P. Pulkkinen’s LARGE BLUE is a hard boiled crime novel located in Vantaa – the rough-edged boomtown just a bit north of Helsinki where the crimes seem to have roots that go deep in the city’s past. With crystal clear language, well-build characters and a plot that pulls you in like quicksand Pulkkinen, established as a novelist, makes his entrance to the scene of crime fiction – and straight to the top.


Endgame (2017)


J.M. Ilves’ ENDGAME is the second book of BORDERTOWN crime series set at the border between Finland and Russia.  Story: A dead man on a boat. The detective’s daughter covered with blood. A cat and mouse play with the serial killer about to begin…

Broadcasted by Netflix in several areas, the television series has been sold to over 40 countries and is boosted by the new season coming out first in Finland already in the autumn.


NONFICTION highlights are a show of real Finnish lifestyle, obviusly resulting into Finland being the happiest country in the world!

Pantsdrunk – Kalsarikänni (2018)

Finnish path to relaxation, sold to 11 countries so far!

Miska Rantanen’s PANTSDRUNK, KALSARIKÄNNI – The Finnish Path to Relaxation has been sold to 11 countries. The book came out in Finnish in February, and the English translation is soon to be in the USA, published by HarperCollins.

The story in short: where the Danes have hygge and the Swedes have lagom, the Finns have kalsarikanni – pantsdrunk: drinking home alone in your underwear.


Sauna People (2019) / Photo: Heli Blåfield

Why the Finns are Always in Sauna?

Heli and Ville Blåfield make a different kind of a venture into the Finnish well-being with SAUNA PEOPLE, a book that tells why the Finns are always in the sauna.

Why is going to sauna so essential in Finland, and how come this introverted people suddenly change when they get naked?


CHILDREN’S FICTION list is out too – the first one in HLA history!

Nyckelknipan | Avain hukassa (2017)

Finlandia Junior Prize 2018

Sanna Mander’s THE LOST KEY, the latest Finlandia Junior Prize winner, is a charming, rhyming picture book about different people all living in an apartment building.

With colours and smart illustrations Mander shows that actually all of us are different in one way or another.




The Pearl Fisher (2017)

Runeberg Junior Prize 2018
Nominee for Nordic Council’s Children’s and Young People’s Literature Prize 2018

Karin Erlandsson’s THE PEARL FISHER, the latest Runeberg Junior Prize winner and a nominee for the Nordic Council Children’s Book Prize is set in the kingdom of stories, where the most powerful and most dangerous legend is the story of the Eye Gemstone…

An adventure without comparison, the book grows to a grand tale of friendship, longing and what truly matters in life.