Kalsarikänni – Pantsdrunk sold to nine areas: Frankfurt auctions and huge attention

Journalist Miska Rantanen‘s upcoming lifestyle book KALSARIKÄNNI – PANTSDRUNK: The Finnish Path to Zen was sold to nine areas during the Frankfurt fair and the next couple of weeks.

The World English rights were acquired by HarperCollins USA in an auction, the German rights by Goldmann (Penguin RandomHouse) in auction as well and the Dutch rights by Uitgeverij Q, likewise in auction.

The Swedish rights were acquired on the night before the Frankfurt fair by Kristoffer Lind from Lind & co.. The Hungarian rights are with Kossuth, the Estonian with Post Factum (Eesti Meedia), the Spanish with Zenith (Grupo Planeta), the Russian with Alpina and the Brazilian Portuguese rights with Letramento.

The book, coming out in Finnish by S&S in February 2018, has been described as “Zen with an edge from the madcap siblig of the Nordic family”.

Meinander’s Gustaf Mannerheim – From Russian Spy to Finnish Statesman sold to Argo, Estonia

Henrik Meinander’s biography of one of the greatest Finns of all time, marshall Gustaf Mannerheim was sold to Argo Publishers in Estonia.

Gustaf Mannerheim – From Russian Spy to Finnish Statesman sets the great man into his historical context in Europe, making the book not only a biography but a story of the international politics between the 1860’s and 1950’s.

Argo is an established Estonian publisher with a strong focus on history.

Ahava’s Things that Fall from the Sky sold to Spain and Poland

Things that Fall from the Sky (2015)

Selja Ahava’s Things that Fall from the Sky has been sold to Editorial Bercimuel in Spain and to Relacja in Poland.

Editorial Bercimuel is a publisher focused on the titles of past and present women authors, many of them also highly awarded for their work. They are the publishers of for example Emilia Pardo Bazan, Germaine Greer and Frida Kahlo.

Relacja is a Polish publishg house that together with Mamania forms Publishing Group Relacja. They publish a variety of fiction, non-fiction and children’s and ya titles.

Selja Ahava’s Things that Fall from the Sky received the European Union Prize for Literature in 2016, and it has been so far sold to 15 countries.