London time!

London book fair starts in just a couple of weeks! You’ll find us in the International Rights Centre, table 3h – see you there!


Animal Scalebook sold to France

Carlos da Cruz’ colourful ANIMAL SCALEBOOK has been sold to the French publishing house Circonflexe.

Circonflexe is a children’s and young adult publishing house with a broad list of quality titles from both French and international authors.

KALSARIKÄNNI continues to travel!

Miska Rantanen’s KALSARIKÄNNI – PANTSDRUNK: The Finnish Path to Relaxation has been sold to Paseka in Czech Republik and Ad est dell’equatore in Italy.

Paseka is the publisher of many established Czech and international authors including Timothy Garton Ash, Alice Munro, Vladimir Nabokov, Amos Oz, Salman Rushdie, Roberto Saviano and John Updike.

Ad est dell’equatore is a small but ambitious independent publisher from Naples. Founded in 2008, the publishing house has focused on short stories and biografies and other nonfiction titles.

Bologna time!

Helsinki Literary Agency will be at the Bologna book fair with its first ever children’s list (take a look here)!

You’ll find us at the Finnish collective stand in hall 21, A69.

See you in a bit!

Anna Kokko starts as a Literary Agent

Anna Kokko (photo: Sakari Saukkonen)

Starting from mid-February 2018, Helsinki Literary Agency will be strengthened by  Literary Agent Anna Kokko (b. 1993) – welcome abroad!

Anna has worked as a freelance editor for the past two years while finishing her master’s degree. She has worked with both fiction and general non-fiction, and she has also translated children’s literature. While working and studying, she has been involved in volunteer journalism, writing about the role of Finnish young adult fiction in Hungary, among other things.

Anna will be attending the London Book Fair: you’ll find us at Helsinki Literary Agency’s stand in the International Rights Centre, table 3h.