World Spanish and Czech rights to Endless Winter sold

Endless Winter, the first volume in the Mythicals graphic novel series by Miila Westin, is rapidly becoming an international success as World Spanish and Czech rights to the title have been sold. The series will be published by Galimatazo for Spanish and Host for Czech.

Winter is over, but Endless Winter by Miila Westin is setting off on its journey into the world: the first instalment in the Mythicals graphic novel series for children is travelling to the Spanish-speaking world, where it will be published by Galimatazo, and to the Czech Republic, where it will be published by Host. This marks the first two language territories for this amazing title, and there is strong interest from multiple other areas.

Endless Winter (Loputon Talvi, 2023)

Endless Winter is a winning combination of stunning illustrations, elements from the Finnish mythology and adventure with an environmentally conscious twist. In the book we follow 10-year-old Eevi, who has just lost her grandfather. It’s June, but there’s a snowstorm and there’s no sign winter will end anytime soon. After receiving a mysterious necklace from her grandmother, Eevi sees things whose existence she ignored, including the guardian elf of barley who has a hunch of why spring is delayed – and learns that if something isn’t done soon, winter will last forever. Eevi is soon drawn into a magical adventure with a group of elves. Their mission is to free the awakener of spring nature, whom the powerful and evil Kalevala witch Louhi has imprisoned in the Underworld. On the journey, Eevi encounters various magical creatures, gets lost in the forest and finally slips through a crack into the Underworld: is this her chance to get Grandpa back?

Endless Winter is the first book of the Mythicals, a series of graphic novels that introduces ancient Balto-Finnic folklore to children. The second book, Dangerous Dream, is out this week.

Galimatazo is a beautiful independent publishing house with a strong focus on high-quality illustrated books and classics from the Nordic countries, and they feature, among others, a Norwegian graphic novel for children.

Host is the Czech home of many Finnish titles, including our very own A Giraffe’s Heart Is Unbelievably Large for the children’s list and Pirkko Saisio’s Helsinki Trilogy and Juhani Karila’s Fishing For the Little Pike for adults’ fiction.

We are delighted with the deals, and more to come soon: congratulations to the author and the publishers!