Miila Westin: A Dangerous Dream

“A long, long time ago, Louhi stole the lights of the sky, and darkness fell over everything.”

Author: Miila Westin
Finnish original: Vaarallinen uni
Publisher: S&S, 2024
Genre: children’s fiction, graphic novel
Number of pages: 112 pp.
Reading material: Finnish original, English sampl
e, English synopsis
Rights sold: Czech, Host (optioned); Danish, Straarup & co; World French, Sarbacane; World Spanish, Galimatazo (optioned)

Eevi has a nightmare about the sun going dark. Does the dream have something to do with her adventures in the Underworld? Eevi wakes up when her friend Otso jumps into the room. Otso’s sister is ill, and she needs help. Eevi happens to have a magical piece of jewelry needed for a healing spell, so she must return to the world of magic. Soon it turns out that Eevi and her necklace are chased by the witch Louhi as well as various evil spirits. On top of that, Otso disappears.
Fortunately, there are many friendly helpers along the way and a quiet, nameless wolf who has its own plans. As the adventure gets more and more exciting, Eevi notices that dreams are rarely just dreams and one must be very, very careful with them. A Dangerous Dream is the second book of the Mythicals, a graphic novel series for middle-grade readers that draws inspiration from Balto-Finnic myths.

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About the author:
Miila Westin