Miila Westin: Endless Winter

“I am so tired of this winter and these long trousers. Of everything!”

A graphic novel for children that draws inspiration from Finnish mythology. 

Author: Miila Westin
Finnish original: Loputon talvi
Publisher: S&S, 2023
Genre: children’s fiction, graphic novel
Number of pages: 109 pp.
Reading material: Finnish original, English sampl
e, English synopsis
Rights sold: Czech, Host; Danish, Straarup & co; World French, Sarbacane; World Spanish, Galimatazo

It’s June and there’s a snowstorm. Nature has gone haywire, and no one knows what to do. Returning home from a funeral of her grandfather, 10- year-old Eevi runs into the guardian elf of barley. She finds out the mystery behind the strange weather – and learns that if something isn’t done soon, winter will last forever. Eevi is soon drawn into a magical adventure with a group of elves. Their mission is to free the awakener of spring nature, whom the powerful and evil Kalevala witch Louhi has imprisoned in the Underworld. On the journey, Eevi encounters various magical creatures, gets lost in the forest and finally slips through a crack into the Underworld. Endless Winter is the first book of the Mythicals, a series of graphic novels that introduces ancient Balto-Finnic folklore to children. The second book, Dangerous Dream, will be out in spring 2024.

Also available:
A Dangerous Dream (Mythicals #2)
Dark Sun (Mythicals #3)

About the author:
Miila Westin