Song of the Eye Gemstone series sold to Slovenia

Karin Erlandsson’s Song of the Eye Gemstone series is travelling to Slovenia, where it will be published by Morfem. This is the 7th language territory for this gorgeous fantasy series.

The Song of the Eye Gemstone series by Karin Erlandsson continues its journey into the world: Morfem in Slovenia has acquired the whole series in a four-book deal, thus marking the 7th language territory for the series.

The Pearl Fisher (2017)

The Song of the Eye Gemstone series by Karin Erlandsson consists of four books: The Pearl Fisher, The Bird Master, The Scaler of the Peaks, and The Victor, all set in a world in which colourful pearls are the most important currency. The ocean floor is covered in the pearls, and the queen can never get enough of them.

Miranda is the most skilful pearl fisher of all, and she believes she can find the pearl that everyone wants: the mythical eye gemstone. It’s been said that the one who finds this precious stone will never have to want for anything again. People also say that there are pearl whisperers who can hear the song of the pearls and lure the pearls to them. When Miranda meets Syrsa, a scrawny child with a unique gift, a chain of events is set in motion and the two embark on a quest through the realms.

The Bird Master (2018)

Friendship and standing up for what is right are central themes in the series, which has been critically acclaimed and loved by readers since its release. The Pearl Fisher, book #1, novel was chosen as the winner of a children’s novel competition organized by Schildts & Söderströms Publishers in 2016. The series is out with Dedalus for World English, Perseus in Bulgaria and Bonnier Carlsen in Sweden, among others. In Finland, it is published by Schildts & Söderströms.

Morfem is a beautiful Slovenian publishing house whose list has a strong focus on atmospheric illustrations and themes relating to nature.

Karin Erlandsson is an established Swedish-speaking author from Åland, the Finnish island between Finland and Sweden. Her production includes children’s books, crime novels, a non-fiction title about knitting and feminism and Home, a stunning choral novel about living on Åland throughout the centuries.

Warmest congratulations to the author and the publishers!