Miila Westin: The Mythicals series

Author: Miila Westin
Publisher: Schildts & Söderströms
Genre: children’s fiction, graphic novel
Reading materials: Finnish original, English translation
Rights sold:
Czech, Host; Danish, Straarup & co; World French, Sarbacane; World Spanish, Galimatazo

The Mythicals is a series of graphic novels for middle-grade readers that introduces ancient Balto-Finnic folklore to children. It consists of Endless Winter (The Mythicals #1), A Dangerous Dream (The Mythicals #2) and A Dark Sun (The Mythicals #3).

The series follows 10-year-old Eevi, who in Endless Winter has just lost her grandfather and learns of the existence of mythical creatures like the crop elves, and the evil witch Louhi. She forms a strong bond with the elves and with Otso, a gnome, and the group are involved in a series of adventures reminiscent of Finnish folklore.

Endless Winter (Loputon talvi, 2023)
A Dangerous Dream (Vaarallinen uni, 2024)

About the author:
Miila Westin