The triumph of Beasts of the Sea continues

Iida Turpeinen’s debut Beasts of the Sea
is pre-empted in 5 areas, sold to 2 more;
best offers deadline set for World French;
offers on the table for the World English and Greek rights;
new pre-emptive offer on the table.

“The biggest literary break-through in Finland for years,” “poetic, precise and beautiful”, “poetic, raw, and timely”, “world-class debut” Beasts of the Sea by Iida Turpeinen is a hot title at the Frankfurt book fair.

There are offers on the table for the World French (Nordik Agency), World English (Helsinki Literary Agency) and Greek rights (Ersilia Literary Agency). Also, there is a new pre-emptive offer on the table from an 11th area.

Prior to these, the sea cows have traveled to these areas:

German, S. Fischer (pre-empted)
Italy, Neri Pozza (pre-empted)
Denmark, People’s (pre-empted)
Sweden, Alfred Bonniers (pre-empted) 
Norway, Gyldendal (pre-empted)
Hungary, Polar
Estonia, Tänapäev.

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Iida Turpeinen and the bones of Steller’s sea cow
(Photo: Susanna Kekkonen)