Swedish & Icelandic rights for the Cotton Mill trilogy sold

Ann-Christin Antell and her bestselling Cotton Mill trilogy is on fire! Just before the end of the summer, another fantastic deal was made, as Storytel acquired the Swedish and Icelandic rights for all three books.

This is the third (or, third and fourth) foreign rights deal for the trilogy: earlier in the summer, the Danish rights were sold to People’s Press and the French rights were acquired by Hachette’s imprint Marabout.

Meanwhile, the books continue to sweep the hearts of the Finnish readers: the total number of the copies sold for the books #1 and #2 has already reached 70,000. At the moment, Antell’s fans are eagerly waiting for book #3, due to be published in 2023.

Dubbed as Bridgerton meets L. M. Montgomery, the trilogy began with The Shadow of the Cotton Mill, in 2021, depicting the life of an independent woman in an era when industrialists make up the new elite, women demand equality, and Finland’s status as a nation is undergoing a transformation. 

The second instalment of the trilogy, Heir to the Cotton Mill (2022), picks up the story in the early 20th century, when Finland’s cultural elite, with their strong sense of nationhood, find themselves at odds with Russia’s increasingly oppressive policies.

Congratulations to the author!