Fishing For the Little Pike awarded the Silver Foreword Indies Award

Juhani Karila’s wildly successful Fishing For the Little Pike has won the Silver Foreword Indies Award with the US edition, published by Restless Books.

Juhani Karila’s Fishing For the Little Pike, our wildly successful, wonderfully weird and internationally best-selling title, has won the Silver Foreword Indies Book of the Year Award in the category Literary Fiction.

 Foreword Reviews is a US-based platform dedicated to discovering, reviewing, and sharing the work of independent publishers, and it assigns on a yearly basis a literary award for fiction, non fiction, children’s literature and general works. In the US, Fishing For the Little Pike is published by Restless Books.

Fishing For the Little Pike is Juhani Karila’s debut novel and it follows Elina Ylijaako, a young woman who is under the spell of a curse that forces her to travel back to her home village in the Finnish Lapland to fish a specific pike from a specific pond every year, or she and her childhood love will die. This year, however, the supernatural gets in the way in the form of a mythological creature haunting the pond, all while a detective is on her trail as she is suspected of murder. Funny, surprisingly wise and proudly weird, Fishing For the Little Pike was an instant hit upon its release, and it has so far travelled to 17 language territories. In Finland, it is published by Siltala.

Warmest congratulations to the author and the publishers!