The Book of Misty Trees awarded the LukuVarkaus Prize

The Book of Misty Trees by Anja Portin, author of international best-selling title Radio Popov, has been awarded the LukuVarkaus Prize.

Anja Portin‘s latest work, The Book of Misty Trees, has been awarded the LukuVarkaus Prize during the Vekara-Varkaus festival week, dedicated to children’s literature.

The final decision on the winner of the prize was made by a jury of seven children, who chose The Book of Misty Trees motivating their choice by praising the book for being thrilling and captivating, adding that its central themes, friendship and protecting nature, are important in the lives of children and that the fantasy world of the book is both adventurous and enriching, and they learned more about nature while reading.

The LukuVarkaus Prize was established in 2001, and is awarded on a yearly basis to a children’s book.

The Book of Misty Trees is an adventurous story set in a fantasy world where we follow Magda Murkbird, who loses her mother and her house in a landslide. Luckily, she is not all alone but has Chestnut – the best dog on earth. In fact, it is thanks to Chestnut that Magda has survived unscathed. The two set off on a journey to look for Magda’s aunt she has never met, and on the way they get lost in a mysterious thick fog covering the peak of the Misty Mountain. Thus begins an unforgettable adventure in a world governed by Misty Trees, above all the eldest of them, the fountain of all living, the enormous Everbark. 

A classic fantasy adventure with an environmentally conscious twist, The Book of Misty Trees has been received with praising reviews and accolades, and it has so far traveled to Denmark, Estonia and Poland.

In Finland, the book is published by S&S.

Congratulations to the author and the publishers!