Radio Popov sold to Slovakia | 25th international sale and new book on the way

Thrilling news from our children’s list: Radio Popov, our best-selling hit by Anja Portin, has been sold to Slovakia, where it will be published by Tatran. This is the 25th international sale for this extremely loved, award-winning book who has won over readers all over the world.

Radio Popov follows Alfred, a nine-year old who is extremely lonely and lives practically alone. His mother has disappeared long ago, and his father, who stays away on business trips, doesn’t always seem to remember that Alfred exists.

One night, Alfred finds out there is a group called the Sharp Ears who can hear lonely children’s sighs. As he gets to know one of them he across an old radio, and starts making a secret, nightly radio broadcast that all the other forgotten children in the city listen to. 

But how can Alfred help the children, and what will Alfred’s father do when he notices that his son is gone? And who exactly are the Sharp Ears?

And that’s not all! Author Anja Portin has a new book on the way so… stay tuned!

The Princess Who Did a Runner | praise for the Danish edition

Fantastic news from our children’s list: the Danish edition of The Princess Who Did a Runner has been featured in raving reviews by Danish bookstagrammers!

The Princess Who Did A Runner, original Finnish edition

Bookstagrammer bibliotekat calls the book “a fairytale with a twist“, where a witty use of metaphors makes the book enjoyable not only for a children’s audience but also for readers of any age.

Bookstagrammer booksbyskolelaererlife praises the books for breaking with the stereotypes, and giving princesses the justice that they deserve, with an entertaining story and beautiful pictures.

The Princess Who Did A Runner by Saara Kekäläinen with illustrations by Netta Lehtola is the brilliant story of princess Leona, who decides to do a runner rather than going along with the marriage her parents have planned for her.

She then ends up from a fairytale to the next, breaking with the canon of fairytales every time: as it turns out, mirrors on the wall can be quite passive-aggressive and princes may be more interested in glass slippers than Leona herself.

Don’t miss out on this gorgeous title!

Ulla-Lena Lundberg | Light and Flame sold to Estonia

Light and Flame, original edition

Exciting news for our fiction list: Ulla-Lena Lundberg‘s Light and Flame has been sold to Estonia, where it will be published by Eesti Raamat.

Light and Flame takes the reader on a journey through time, following three generations and the making of Finland as a nation, all through the perspective of a family that burns for workers’ rights and the educational movement. The novel has received great accolade in Finland, where it was met with raving reviews and ranked in the top 15 best-selling titles in the country on for over four months after its publication.

Ulla-Lena Lundberg

Ulla-Lena Lundberg is also the pen behind Ice, a historical best-selling novel that not only sold over 100.000 copies, but also won the Finlandia prize. It has already been sold to 10 territories, establishing itself as a contemporary classic with its depiction of life on a remote island in the late 1800s.

Warm congratulations to the author, and don’t miss out on this title!