Night Express sold to Ukraine | 10th territory for the title

We are happy to announce that our children’s book Night Express by Karin Erlandsson has been sold to Ukraine. This is the 10th language territory for the title.

Night Express (2020)

Night Express will be published by The Black Sheep in Ukraine. The Black Sheep was founded in 2015 and it specialises in children’s literature, bringing international titles to Ukrainian readers.

The book follows Dania, whose granny lives in an old station building next to a disused railway. Every year Dania and her family move to their grandmother’s for December in the run-up for Christmas.  

One evening Granny seems exceptionally absent-minded before disappearing from her room. The same night Dania hears something and sneaks out to see it with her own eyes: an express train is pulling up at the station. 

author Karin Erlandsson

On the train she meets Konrad, and it soon transpires that everyone on the night train has lost someone they love. Will the children find their lost loved ones?

The book is brimming with the magic of Christmas and has 24 chapters: it is also splendid for reading out loud, during Advent and long after.

Warm congratulations to the author!