Karin Erlandsson’s The Pearl Fisher nominated for the Children’s Novel Prize in Sweden

The Pearl Fisher, the first book in Karin Erlandsson’s magical series The Song of the Eye Gemstone is nominated for the Children’s Novel Prize in Karlstad, Sweden!

Five novels are competing for the prize that was founded in 2013, by the Karlstad City Library’s Children’s and YA department. The idea was inspired by the Swedish national radio programme Children’s Novel Prize (Barnens Romanpris).

The five nominees are chosen by the city library’s and municipality libraries’ staff. The books will be presented to the school children in various library workshops during the autumn semester, and the reading will continue till December, when each participating class will be organising a vote.

Erlandsson’s series gained a huge popularity among the Finland’s readers, and is often likened to such children literary classics as Tove Jansson and Astrid Lindgren. The Pearl Fisher was the winner of the prestigious Runeberg Junior Prize in 2018, and the books of the series are so far sold to Bulgaria, Estonia, Faroe Islands and Sweden.

Have a look at the wonderful video with the author presenting her book in a beautiful landscape of Ă…land! Here you can also find a short interview with her in English.

Congratulations to the author and fingers crossed!