Children’s Titles Sold to Turkey!

We are happy about the ever increasing number of quality Finnish literature published in Turkey!

We have recently sold Turkish rights for Anna Härmälä’s charmingly curious travel book for the smallest ones, Postcards From Grandma Flyaway, and adventurous children fantasy series Rotation by Vuokko Hurme.

Postcards From Grandma Flyaway is an inventive and light-hearted book that tells a story of a journey around the world in postcards. Looking at the details of the postcards, children and adults together can try to guess where Granny Flyaway will travel next! Even before it was published, the book has gained a lot of attention from abroad and was praised for its warm illustrations. Turkish rights have been sold to Dinozor Çocuk | Ayrıntı Yayınları.

Rotation is a new fantasy series with two books published accordingly in 2017 and 2018: Upside Down and Right-Side Up. It tells about the adventures of Lenna and her best friend Jaan, and their life in Kardum city; the incident that everyone refers to as “The Rotation” has changed everything, but people have learned to get along in their upside down world. But the supply of fresh water begins to run out. Will they have the courage to look for a future in another world that may be somewhere below them – in the sky? Turkish rights of the series have been sold to one of the leading publishing houses in the country, CAN.

Congratulations to the authors! Stay tuned for some more exciting news in our August Newsletter!