Vuokko Hurme

Vuokko Hurme (b. 1979) is a children’s author based in Helsinki whose output includes nonfiction, novels and picture books for children.

Her middle-grade trilogy, Rotation (2017–2019), has been published to a wide critical acclaim. In 2020, she started The Hues series with Ruby’s Secret, which was continued by Many-Coloured Mansion in 2021.

Hurme has also worked as an art educator, edited nonfiction on parenting and education, written articles on these themes and produced activity materials for children.

(Photo: Tuure Hurme)

Ruby’s Secret (The Hues #1, 2020)
Many-Coloured Mansion (The Hues #2, 2021)
The Shadow Guest (The Hues #3, 2022)
Danger at the Colour Spa (The Hues #4, 2022)
Upside Down (Rotation #1, 2017)
Right-Side Up (Rotation #2, 2018)
About-Turn (Rotation #3, 2019)