Vuokko Hurme: About-Turn

“I simply slipped. I slided down the hood – and then everything turned about for good.”

Author: Vuokko Hurme
Finnish original: Keikaus
Publisher: S&S, 2019
Genre: children’s fiction, middle grade
Number of pages: 309 pp.
Reading material: Finnish original, English synopsis

Rights sold: Estonia, Rahva Raamat

Lenna’s and her family’s life in Mabal is settling down. Lenna’s best friend Jaan has been finally found, and their new hometown Halli has become much safer than it used to be.

However, the scanty life of the town changes when a new island falls down close to the shore. Its ground hides all kinds of things like a real treasure chest. When people start to dig them up, Lenna and Jaan want their share.

The digging, however, includes huge risks. At places, only a few meters of sole separates the diggers from the bottom of Mabal. What happens to those who fall through it? Nobody knows. Do the diggers fall into the space? Or maybe they simply disappear? Lenna and Jaan find answers to these questions once they both fall down to the world below. The new town, however, feels familiar. Where are they actually? And do they need to save that world?

About-Turn is the third and final book in Vuokko Hurme’s children’s fantasy series Rotation – as exciting and full of adventures as ever.

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About the author:
Vuokko Hurme