Vuokko Hurme: The Many-Coloured Mansion

The colourful series of books about the amazing Hues family continues.

Author: Vuokko Hurme
Finnish original: Kirjava kartano (Värikkäät #2)
Publisher: S&S, 2021
Genre: children’s novel
Number of pages: 180 pp.
Reading material: Finnish original, English synopsis

Skye’s family has extraordinary powers with colour. They can move objects of their own colour through the effort of their will.

Usually, the Hues keep themselves to themselves, which suits homebody Skye, who can control the colour blue, very well. But now the family has decided to go on a real trip. Together with the girl next door, Liia, they step on board a ship where everything is strange: the crowds of people, the ball-pit and even the buffet.

The ship takes the Hues to a family celebration in an exciting mansion in the archipelago. When Skye gets to know the fearless Bruno, who can control the colour brown, she understands everything that is not talked about in her own family. It is time to meet the Greyness – that creature that thrives on the borders of evil and ambushes those who are not like the others–eye to eye.

The Many-Coloured Mansion is the second volume of Vuokko Hurme’s Hues series. Reetta Niemensivu’s expressive line drawings sketch in the blue details.

Extreme sensitivity, prejudice and power-play among friends emerge from the plot without underlining or undue emphasis. Tension is raised little by little and hints about future developments are sprinkled patiently to engage the child reader.
– Lastenhylly literature blog on Ruby’s Secret

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About the author:
Vuokko Hurme