Juhani Karila joins the World Literature Festival’s Realm of Speculative Fiction in Translation panel at the NY Public City Library

The World Literature Fest banner (Image Source: NYPL official website)

Juhani Karila‘s continues to make waves in the English-speaking world: the author of international bestseller Fishing For The Little Pike is joining the World Literature Festival panel dedicated to speculative fiction, at the NY Public City Library on April 23rd.

Also joining the panel are Danish author Olga Ravn and Japanese author Maru Ayase, and moderating the panel is Farhan Islam, the pen behind the Speculative Fiction in Translation Booklist published by the New York Public Library.

Fishing For the Little Pike (Siltala, 2019) follows young Elina as she returns to her home village in Lapland with a specific mission in mind: fishing for a little pike that resides in a pond. She has three days to fish it, or she and her childhood lover will both die, victims to a curse. This year, however, fate has gotten in the way in the form of a supernatural creature taking residence in the pond, and in that of a police officer looking for Elina on the suspicion of murder. Fishing For the Little Pike was an instant hit upon its release, and it has so farĀ travelled to 17 language territories. In the English-speaking world it has been gathering excellent reviews and extensive coverage, and it has recently received an honourable mention for the Crawford Award and is running for the Forewords Indie Books of the Year Award.

Congratulations to the author and the publishers, and don’t miss out on this title!