The Senior Squad sold to Azerbaijan | 2nd foreign sale

More exciting news for our children’s list: The Senior Squad by Malin Klingenberg has been sold to Azerbaijan, where it will be published by Alatoran.

This marks the second foreign sale for the series, which has previously been sold to Bulgaria. The series follows Patrik, a quiet school boy whose life is suddenly turned upside down.

Patrik and the Senior Squad

The class tearaway, Irene, bullies Patrik into escaping from school. When he ends up on a wrong bus full of pensioners, things seem a bit awkward but then take an exciting turn. It appears that one of the senior citizens has been kidnapped and a group of villains are very interested in taking the other pensioners out of the game as well…

Patrik and The Senior Squad is the first book in a series of six novels for middle-grade readers, praised for their crazy humour, quirky characters and action-filled plots. The five books already published have been a huge Finland-
Swedish success and have since been translated into Finnish and loved just as much.

Fake Bernice (Senior Squad #3)

The series consists of six titles:
Patrick and the Senior Squad
The Senior Squad #2, Irene and the Moneyhoover
The Senior Squad #3, Fake Bernice
The Senior Squad #4, Fantastic Alfredo
The Senior Squad #5, Rakel’s Miracle  
The Senior Squad #6, The Magnificent Senior Match

Warm congratulations to the author!