Rasi-Koskinen nominated for the Torch-Bearer Prize

We are thrilled to announce that REC, a new novel by Marisha Rasi-Koskinen, is now nominated for the prestigious Torch-Bearer Prize!

The jury said of the book:

“REC is an ingenious portrayal of the time where everyone constantly takes pictures of themselves and posts them on social media. Rasi-Koskinen doesn’t give us updates on the phenomenon, but instead, dives straight into it, deeper than any other Finnish writer has ever before. Rasi-Koskinen’s novel is an enchanting mystical thriller of friendship and love, which is not bound to one place but, more masterfully so, to the era of Instagram and instant message services.”

The novel – a travel book and a documentary, a fiction about fiction and a breathtaking kaleidoscope where stories and reality constantly take on new angles in new hands – came out in August to a critical acclaim. As Suomen Kuvalehti magazine has stated:

The novel is so restless and mysterious that it feels not at all unlikely that the pages would have a totally different story written on them the second time you read it. REC makes the world a little more magical place to live in.

Have a look at the lovely video with the author presenting her book!

The Torch-Bearer Prize is given yearly to a title with most potential to succeed outside Finland. Last year, Rasi-Koskinen won Finlandia Junior Prize with her first work for YA The Dark Side of the Sun.

Congratulations to the author and fingers crossed!