Estonian and Latvian rights sold for Radio Popov

Virtual Frankfurt is coming to an end, but the results of it are only beginning to show now! We are thrilled to announce the first foreign rights deals for Anja Portin’s wonderful children’s novel Radio Popov: Estonian rights were sold to Ühinenud ajakirjad and Latvian rights to Janis Roze Publishers.

Portin’s new novel reminds of Roald Dahl’s classics, where children often experience quite miserable circumstances, but find refuge in friendships and partly magical worlds.

When a nine-year-old Alfred, who virtually lives alone, sets off in the company of the mysterious Sneak, who puts things through letter- boxes – not just newspapers, but apples, woollen socks and sandwiches – an unforgettable adventure begins that changes everything, and not just for Alfred. Sneak turns out to be the eccentric Amanda Lehtimaja, a paperwoman who is one of the Sharp Ears. At Amanda’s home Alfred finds an old radio transmitter designed by a Russian physicist, A. S. Popov. He starts making a secret, nightly radio broadcast that all the other forgotten children in the city listen to.

The book has received a lot of attention during the Frankfurt fair, and we expect more deals to follow soon.

Congratulations to the author!