HLA launches a new podcast

After years of discussing Finnish literature with agents and publishers from all over the world, we realised that it is still somewhat of an enigma to others: northern, but not Scandinavian; western, but unlike anything you will find in Germany, France, English world or anywhere else. So we decided to take the matter into our own hands.

This autumn, HLA launches a new podcast. In each episode spanning ca. 30 minutes, we will discuss the topic of the month with a studio guest and try to find out why indeed, literature from Finland is so unique. Above all, we hope to bring you joy, laughter and at least one new thing you didn’t know about Finland and its literature.

The release of the first episode is scheduled for Friday, the 23rd of October, and you will be able to find and subscribe it wherever you usually listen to your podcasts. You can also follow the podcast’s Facebook page or go check it out on our website, tab Podcast, to find the most recent episode updates.

In the meantime, we would like to thank our beloved and talented long-time collaborator Petri Latvala for the logo design and the young jazz star, drummer and music producer Alessandro D’Anna for the wonderful, atmospheric theme tune.

We are very excited (and nervous, to be honest!) and we hope you will join us every month as we sit down with the finest literary minds of Finland to discuss the qualities and quirks of Finnish literature and other literary topics!