World French rights for Juhani Karila’s autumn sensation!

Before even being published in Finland, Juhani Karila’s new novel Fishing for the Little Pike caused quite a sensation among foreign publishers. And we are so thrilled to announce that the World French rights has now been sold to La Peuplade in Canada.

La Peuplade has made its name as a youthful and passionate publisher with ‘assertive, recognizable and necessary’ contemporary titles on its list. It has previously published such Finnish authors as Tove Jansson and Aki Ollikainen, as well as internationally famous, outstanding writers Niviaq Korneliussen, Anne Cathrine Bomann, Dagur Hjartarson and others.

Le Peuplade’s imprint Fictions du Nord has a lot of success both in France and in Canada, and the books are distributed everywhere in the French World by CDE (Gallimard) and Dimedia (in Canada).

As the publisher stated about Karila’s book: “Fishing for the Little Pike takes the reader to an incredible fishing journey through the Laplandish folklore full of imps, monsters and mysterious creatures – a world that strongly reminds the one of the Moomins Valley and Arto Paasilinna works. It’s funny and dark, witty and poetic. The kind of book, full of marvels, that francophone readers need.”

Karila’s publisher in Finland is Siltala, and the book is due to be published in a couple of weeks. Congratulations!