Leino’s Heaven Wins The European Union Prize for Literature!

Piia Leino’s dystopian novel HEAVEN set in year 2058 has won the European Union Literary Prize. The novel was published by Kustantamo S&S in 2018.

The board describes HEAVEN as a timely, strong vision about the short-sighted choices made in consumer societies. Leino has knit the oppressive future world together with finesse and credibility.

The novel takes place in Helsinki, a city state, former capital of Finland, in 2058. Society has collapsed after a civil war, and an authoritarian nationalist movement called Light has seized the power. Political dissidents have fled to the North. All borders are closed and contact with the outside world is non-existent.

Read more about the novel and the author here. Congratulations to the author!

(Photo: Mikko Rasila)