Malin Klingenberg & Sanna Mander: The Life of Fart

A fart is something your parents have never let you talk about.
Now there is an entire book dedicated to a fart’s life!

Author: Malin Klingenberg
Illustrator: Sanna Mander
Swedish original: Fisens Liv
Publisher: Schildts & Söderströms, 2019
Genre:  Illustrated children’s verses
Number of pages: c. 32 pp.
Reading material: Swedish original, Finnish Translation, English translation
Rights sold: Estonia, Tänapäev; Sweden, Rabén & Sjögren; UK, Pushkin Press.

While everyone is taught since childhood it is impolite to bring up our gassy part of life in public, it is still something almost every creature on earth experiences daily. You might be a mountaineer trying to conquer Mount Everest, a sportsman in the Olympics or just a simple cook–a fart is impossible to escape.

The Life of Fart is a cheerful and honest verse book that takes the young readers on a fun adventure exploring a phenomenon that many adults find tricky to talk about without getting embarrassed. With its vivid language and hilarious illustrations the book is a delight to the children who are constantly pondering curiosities of our daily life that no one is willing to explain to them.

The book is written by acclaimed children’s author Malin Klingenberg, who has previously published the Pensioner Squad series, and illustrated by Finlandia Prize-winning Sanna Mander, known for witty children’s books.

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About the authors:
Malin Klingenberg
Sanna Mander