Antti Hurskainen’s A Wooden Prayer nominated for the Savonia Award

A Wooden Prayer by Antti Hurskainen has received its third award nomination: after being nominated for the Finlandia Prize and the Torch Bearer prize, the title is now a nominee for the Savonia Award.

Thrilling news for our fiction’s list: A Wooden Prayer by Antti Hurskainen has been nominated for the Savonia Award.

A Wooden Prayer (Suntio, 2023)

A Wooden Prayer by Antti Hurskainen has been reviewed as “a catechism of our time”: in it, Turtola, a verger in a small community spends his days working wood, talking with the pastor and being a single father to Monika, his five-year-old daughter.

When catastrophe strikes, Turtola is faced with questions larger than life, and tries to follow his personal ethics and choose mercy. The consequences are merciless.

For the Savonia Award six nominees, all remarkable works of literature published over the last 12 months, have been selected from 95 works read by the award committee.

The nomination comes at a great time for A Wooden Prayer: the book is already a Finlandia Prize nominee, and has been sold to Hungary.

The winner of the Savonia Award will be announced on December 12th.

Congratulations to all nominees, and fingers crossed!