Rudolf Koivu Prize | Honorary mentions to Ilja Karsikas’ The Unicorn and Sanna Mander’s My Teeny-Tiny Witch

Exciting news for our children’s list: Ilja Karsikas and Sanna Mander have both received an honorary mention for the Rudolf Koivu Prize 2023.

© Ilja Karsikas, 2021

Ilja Karsikas was nominated for his book The Unicorn, a stunning narration of family life touching on the topic of alcoholism. The jury have motivated their choice as follows: “Despite the heavy subject matter, the book’s illustrations breathe and bring gentle comfort to the reader. The character of the unicorn is an impressive and memorable illustration.”

Sanna Mander was nominated for her book My Teeny-Tiny Witch, an amusing and visually bubbly work that offers a more forgiving view on difficult feelings we all experience, like anger and disappointment. The jury have motivated their choice as follows: “An apt portrayal of today’s family life after divorce. The character of the mother is wonderfully contemporary in her visual aesthetics.”

Warm congratulations to the authors, and don’t miss out on these titles!