Mikko Rimminen’s new novel gathers raving reviews

Mikko Rimminen’s latest novel The Most Natural Thing in the World is collecting laudatory reviews all over the press.

The biggest Finnish newspaper, Helsingin Sanomat: “For me the most lasting offering of the novel is the way Rimminen takes charge of the different genres, totally at his own terms. He takes the parallel realities and the strange artefacts from sci-fi, the crazy scientists and the stereotypical action form suspense stories, and effortlessly makes all of them to work for his own humoristic-macabre vision.”

Aamulehti newspaper: “Playfulness, savouring of words, and bragging are distinctive to Rimminen’s prose. The Most Natural Thing in the World is testing its limits all the time. It seems the author has had fun – as did I.”

Savon Sanomat newspaper: “There is ‘something’ so good in the novel and in Rimminen’s writing, that it is impossible to put it in words.”

Suomen Kuvalehti magazine: “The language in The Most Natural Thing in the World makes experiments in a way rarely seen in Finnish literature. The one thing that emerges is the joy of imagination and writing.”

Jukka Viikilä’s Watercolours from a Seaside City awarded with Kaarle Prize

Jukka Viikilä has received Kaarle Prize for his Finlandia prize winning novel Watercolours from a Seaside City.

The publisher of Gummerus, Anna Baijars, described the title by saying that “The novel shows that you can say a lot by saying a little, and that silence itself can tell a story. The author has found ‘the elegance that can be found only by someone who has an ability to look’, like Engel says in Viikilä’s book.”

Kaarle Prize is given out by Gummerus in the honor of the founder of the publishing house, Kaarle Jaakko Gummerus.