Literature from Finland is a new podcast by HLA, launched in autumn 2020. After years of discussing Finnish literature with agents and publishers from all over the world we realised that it is still somewhat of an enigma to others: northern, but not Scandinavian; western, but unlike anything you will find in Germany, France, English world or anywhere else. So we decided to take the matter into our own hands.

In each episode spanning up to ca. 30 minutes, we will discuss the topic of the month with a studio guest and try to find out why indeed, literature from Finland is so unique. Above all, we hope to bring you joy, laughter and at least one new thing you didn’t know about Finland and its literature.

Episode 2:
Studio guest
Juhani Karila

“We need narratives bigger than ourselves to lean on.”

– Juhani Karila

Do myths have a place in our everyday life? In the second episode of Literature from Finland podcast, wise and witty Juhani Karila, the author of last year’s dark horse, novel Fishing for the Little Pike, discusses the cuteness of mythical creatures, the Finnish North and its oddness, as well as his writing – from video games to Dan Brown and Cormac McCarthy.

Episode 1:
Literary Murder
Studio guest
J. P. Pulkkinen

“To me, murder seems to be the ultimate form of social distancing.”

– J. P. Pulkkinen

In the very first episode of Literature from Finland podcast, we discuss literary murders. Are Finns good at writing an exciting murder? J. P. Pulkkinen, the author of the celebrated Vantaa series, discusses the tortured Finn, writers from Dostoyevsky to Patti Smith, various inspirations from The Wire to inspector Maigret and Henning Mankell, and names the necessary elements for the trendiest Finnish crime novel.