Malin Klingenberg: Rakel’s Miracles

Another uproarious adventure of The Senior Squad! This time Irene is at a crossroads…

Author: Malin Klingenberg
Swedish original: Rakels mirakel
Publisher: Schildts & Söderströms, 2017
Genre: children’s fiction, middle-grade
Number of pages: 192 pp.
Reading material: Swedish original, English series synopsis

Rights sold: Azerbaijan, Alatoran; Bulgaria, Perseus

When The Senior Squad’s inventor Roffe is hospitalised, Irene has to make quick decisions. She can’t leave The Proliferator, his newest invention, unpatrolled in his house. She is set on proving to The Senior Squad that she’s reliable and responsible, not like her father Bi-Caps, a dyed-in-the-wool felon. However, her plan takes an unexpected turn when The Proliferator falls into the wrong hands…

Rakel’s Miracle, the hair salon, has hired a new, mysterious hairdresser who is snipping the scared customers’ hair into outlandish hair styles.

The fifth book about Patrik, Irene and The Senior Squad is as suspenseful and hilarious as the previous ones. This time the spotlight is on Irene who’s at a crossroads: should she be loyal to her father, the toughest of criminals, or to The Senior Squad?

“An unusual motley of pensioners consisting of colourful and
funny characters helps the children to solve comically intricate
crimes… Rakel’s Miracles is nothing if not required reading for
children at a book-devouring age.”
– Hufvustadsbladet newspaper

“Rakel’s Miracles wouldn’t be a Malin Klingenberg book without a fantastical ending. It’s about a girl determined to solve a problem, but who ends up solving quite another. But I won’t give away more.”
– YLE news

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About the author:
Malin Klingenberg