Malin Klingenberg: Irene and the Moneyhoover

A gang of villains is planning for their largest undertaking yet. Can The Senior Squad stop them in time?

Author: Malin Klingenberg
Swedish original: Irene och sedelsugen
Publisher: Schildts & Söderströms, 2013
Genre: children’s fiction, middle-grade
Number of pages: 136 pp.
Reading material: Swedish original, English series synopsis

Rights sold: Azerbaijan, Alatoran; Bulgaria, Perseus

Irene’s father Bi-Caps and his gang of crooks are in trouble. It’s been a long time since any of their criminal activities have been successful and now Victor Ture, the ruling baddie, is threatening to throw them out of his club of

In order to protect the family honour, Bi-Caps starts planning for their biggest crime yet. Keeping the other villains in the dark, they recruit Irene, who secretly builds them a money-hoover–a machine that will suck the money out of the banks’ vaults. But none of them have thought about Patrik and his friends in the Senior Squad…

The formidable lineup from Patrik and The Senior Squad return in the sequel Irene and the Moneyhoover. This is an action-packed story for children who are already reading on their own.

“Irene and the Moneyhoover is a story that carries you away and
holds you in its grip.”
–Nya Åland newspaper

“The whole of the story is wonderful and often giggle-inducing.”
– Västra Nyland newspaper

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About the author:
Malin Klingenberg