Malin Klingenberg: The Fantastic Alfredo

A prizewinning book about a group of pensioners and clever-witted children makes the reader double up with laughter.

Author: Malin Klingenberg
Swedish original: Den fantastiske Alfredo
Publisher: Schildts & Söderströms, 2016
Genre: children’s fiction, middle-grade
Number of pages: 168 pp.
Reading material: Swedish original, English series synopsis

Rights sold: Azerbaijan, Alatoran; Bulgaria, Perseus

Patrik, Irene and The Senior Squad are relaxing in the Canary Islands. The Squad is sure they can spend their holidays in peace–there’s not a lawbreaker in sight.

But soon enough Patrik and Irene run into shady people in the hotel lobby. There’s something odd about them… And who’s Alfredo, a muscle man always surrounded by fans?

The fourth installment of The Senior Squad is typically
funny, brilliant and with just enough suspense.

“The story is joyfully ludicrous and never boring, peopled with an array of deftly named characters, such as Bengta-Louise af Pärlemor and Irene’s jailbird father Bi-Caps. The book is easy to read and perfect for reading aloud or for the older children who already read for themselves.”
– Västra Nyland newspaper

“A book which clearly demands to be read from cover to cover in one sitting.”
– Österbottens Tidning newspaper

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About the author:
Malin Klingenberg