Eva Frantz: Out of the Game

Third book in the Anna Glad series by award-winning crime novelist Eva Frantz guarantees excitement.

Author: Eva Frantz
Swedish original: Han var redan dö
Publisher: Schildts & Söderströms, 2020
Genre: crime
Number of pages: 417 pp.
Reading material: Swedish original, Finnish translation, English sample, English synopsis

Rights sold: Denmark, Gyldendal; Estonia, Rahva Raamat (optioned); Germany, Aufbau; Norway, Mangschou; Sweden, Sekwa

The townsfolk are proud of their new resident, ice hockey legend Samuel Lindberg, who has returned to his homeland after years of playing in NHL. But his American wife, Alison, finds it hard to adapt and the couple are surrounded by an atmosphere of secrecy. The town is also abuzz with a new cycle lane project, the main opponent of which, the reclusive and cranky Börje Bohman, has disappeared without leaving a trace.

The idyll is also broken by a terrible surprise that awaits a new mother as she peeps at her baby asleep in a stroller. Senior Constable Anna Glad takes on the task of solving several mysteries at once. In this way she is able to avoid the idea that she is only a few months away from having a child whose father lives hundreds of kilometres away.

Out of the Game continues the skilful series of stand-alone crime novels where the inhabitants of a small town are divided and bound together by the secrets of the past. As an author of classic jigsaw puzzle thrillers, Eva Frantz ranks with such queens of the genre as Agatha Christie, Maria Lang and Camilla Läckberg.

Frantz’s previous Anna Glad book, The Eighth Maiden (2018), won the Finnish Whodunnit Society’s Clew of the Year Award for 2019 and was shortlisted for the Torchbearer Prize. It is also shortlisted for the Nordic Glass Key Award. More than 30,000 copies of the first two parts of the Anna Glad series have already been sold.

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Eva Frantz