Eppu Nuotio: Love Like a Strange Land

Known for her best-selling depictions of relationships, Nuotio’s latest work has readers buzzing with delight.

Author: Eppu Nuotio
Finnish original: Niin kuin vierasta maata
Publisher: Gummerus, 2021
Genre: romance, feel-good
Number of pages: 200 pp.
Reading material: Finnish original
English synopsis, English sample

When she comes across a middle-aged man harassing teenage girls, Henrietta steps in to defend them. In her zeal, the altercation turns physical, and the police are called.

While questioning Henrietta at the station, officer Markus Reetama realizes something mystical is taking place. He is used to maintaining a strict line between his work and his personal feelings, but an inexplicable attraction compels him to discover who this woman sitting across from him is.

So begins a titillating love story that both Henrietta and Markus resist–in vain.

Best-selling author Eppu Nuotio’s romance Love Like a Strange Land makes no bones about being straightforward, light-hearted literature and yet manages to avoid clichés. Nuotio depicts interpersonal relationships authentically and honestly, while observing how difficult it can be to balance one’s own dreams with the those of another person.

The book entertains and charms, but all the ingredients come from deep within, including the stings.”
– Kirjavinkit book blog on But I Love You

Nuotio writes about relationships accurately and effortlessly, in an engaging idiom, even lightly.”
– Kulttuuritoimitus online magazine on Maggie and Me

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About the author:
Eppu Nuotio