Eppu Nuotio

Eppu Nuotio (b. 1962) is a well-known author, actor, teacher, translator, director, and playwright. Nuotio’s extensive body of work includes novels, children’s books, radio plays, plays, and television scripts. Nuotio’s popular Pii Marin thrillers (2006–2012) have been compared to the works of Liza Marklund. Since then, she has written the trio of cozy mystery books making up the Ellen Lähde Investigates series (2017–2019) and the novels Maggie and Me (2020) and Love Like a Strange Land (2021).

(Photo: Liisa Valonen)

Free (2024)
Sent Across the Sea (2022)
Longplay, (Raakel Oksa Sets It Right #3) 2024
The Silver Locket (Raakel Oksa Sets It Right #2) 2023
The Buttercup Dress (Raakel Oksa Sets It Right #1) 2022
The Wager (2022)

Love Like a Strange Land (2021)

Those Deadly Bells (Ellen Lähde Investigates #1) 2017

Tongues Like Knives (Ellen Lähde Investigates #2) 2019

The Showy Strangler (Ellen Lähde Investigates #3) 2020