Adela Pajunen & Marko Leppänen

 Dr Adela Pajunen (b. 1975) is a biologist, environmental educator, wilderness guide and plant specialist.

Marko Leppänen (b. 1969) is a geographer specialising in the health benefits of nature. He works as a journalist and is an experienced nature guide.

Pajunen and Leppänen have introduced trips to nature into the Finnish national health service. In addition, they plan health-based nature trails and are training people to maximise the health benefits from nature. Pajunen and Leppänen have previously published together a book on the proven health benefits of forests, Health from the Forest  (2017).

Here you can find a short interview with the authors from our series, which will give you an even better picture of their work.

(Photos: Petri Asikainen)

Woodland (2019)