Tomi Kontio & Elina Warsta: A Dog Called Cat Meets a Cat

Cat has begun to feel an inner longing to settle down. But what happens when along comes a real cat, who likes to walk alone?

Author: Tomi Kontio
Illustrator: Elina Warsta
Finnish original: Koira nimeltään Kissa tapaa kissan
Publisher: Teos, 2019
Number of pages: 32 pp.
Reading material: Finnish original, English translation

A Dog Called Cat Meets a Cat is a story about a dog called
Cat, a man called Weasel and a cat of an adventurous

One day Weasel and Cat are sitting on a cliff beside
the sea. Ships come and go in the harbour, and watching
them Cat feels an inner longing to settle down–to find
her own safe harbour.

When a real cat disembarks from one of the ships,
things take a new turn. The relationship of the cat and
Cat is at first beset with distrust, but in the end the two
become friends. They even find a home–and a suitable
way for each of them to live there.

A Dog Called Cat Meets a Cat by poet Tomi Kontio and
illustrator Elina Warsta continues the story of Cat
and Weasel, which began in A Dog Called Cat (2015).
A candidate for the Nordic Council Literature Prize and
the recipient of a special mention from the International
Board on Books for Young People for its illustrations,
the book was an entrancing and poignantly beautiful
tale about a lonely puppy who finally finds a friend.

“I look at the cat, entranced. How beautiful it is! It sets off
to walk up the slope. I meet its gaze. I feel my skin begin
to tingle, my muscles tauten and my hair stand on end.
A low growl escapes my mouth.
‘My little cat’, Weasel says, stroking me gently. ‘Don’t
be afraid. It’s a cat, a small, pretty cat.’”

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About the authors:
Tomi Kontio
Elina Warsta