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The authors on Helsinki Literary Agency’s list are a beautiful bunch.

There are those who write breathtaking literary fiction and those who know how to spin a crime novel. Some can take the reader centuries back in time – or to a whole new world. Some of them write to children in a such a thrilling way that it gives even the adult reader goose bumps. There are writers of the most intriguing narrative nonfiction and of fascinating guides and funny pass-time books too.

The power of literature lies in variety: there is a book to read for everyone. Hence the goal of Helsinki Literary Agency is to offer the readers in other countries a good, representative section of Finnish literature.

Take a peek at our authors and their books!


Autumn Rights Guide 2017

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Anna Kokko starts as a Literary Agent

Starting from mid-February 2018, Helsinki Literary Agency will be strengthened by  Literary Agent Anna Kokko (b. 1993) – welcome abroad! Anna has worked as a freelance editor for the past two years while finishing her master’s degree. She has worked with both fiction and general non-fiction, and she has also translated children’s literature. While working and …


Marjo Niemi’s MOTHER OF ALL LOSSES, described as a frantic monologue about shame, has been awarded with the Runeberg Prize, often considered Finland’s second most important literary prize. Karin Erlandsson’s THE PEARL FISHER, a children’s novel set in a magical underwater world, has won the Runeberg Junior Prize, given to the best children’s title of the year. …

Finlandia Prize and Finlandia Junior Prize to HLA authors!

Juha Hurme’s HEADLAND, described as a magnificent cultural history of the world, has won the Finlandia, Finland’s most prestigious literary prize, as the best novel of the year. Sanna Mander’s THE LOST KEY, a wonderfully illustrated children’s book, has won the Finlandia Junior Prize, given to the best children’s or young adult title of the year. HEADLAND tells …

About the agency

Helsinki Literary Agency is a modern literary agency based in the capital of Finland. It offers publishers the best selection of Finnish fiction and nonfiction authors – a beautiful variety of different genres and styles.

The agency was founded in the beginning of 2017 as a joint venture of three independent Finnish publishing houses, Gummerus, Teos Publishers and Schildts & Söderströms (news about the agency in Publishing Perspectives). The agency’s goal is to offer its authors the chance to enchant new audiences in many countries and in doing so to gain a firm foothold for the Finnish literature in the international market.

Helsinki Literary Agency is headed by Urpu Strellman (b. 1979). Her history is in publishing: after some years as a sub-editor for a scientific journal she worked for eleven year as an editor and a publishing manager in Art House Publishing, scouring the bookfairs and bringing the works of wonderful authors to the reach of the Finnish audience. As a passtime Urpu has for years been teaching editing, writing and popularizing science at the University of Helsinki. In the past few years she has gotten involved in a few nonfiction book projects as an author – and in a few as a translator.  (Photo: Ismo Jokinen)

From mid-February 2018, the agency will be strengthened by Literary Agent Anna Kokko (b. 1993). She has worked as a freelance editor for the past two years while finishing her master’s degree. Anna has worked with fiction and general non-fiction, and she has also translated children’s literature. While working and studying, she has been involved in volunteer journalism, writing about the role of Finnish young adult fiction in Hungary, among other things. (Photo: Sakari Saukkonen)

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