Anssi Hurme & Maija Hurme: Under the Covers

Even if you are really ill, you can still have an adventure!

Author: Anssi Hurme
Illustrator: Maija Hurme
Swedish | Finnish original: Under täcket | Peiton alla
Publisher: Schildts & Söderströms, 2012
Genre: illustrated children’s fiction
Number of pages: 30 pp.
Reading material: Swedish original, English translation

Elsa is lying ill in bed. She is tired and it’s making her toes tickle. She doesn’t have the energy to play. But then she gets a visit from someone who needs her help.

First Elsa is recruited by a hedgehog to help his friend the badger who has got sharp spikes stuck in its backside. Soon it turns out that this is just the start of her journey: there are plenty of other animals in need too.

In Under the Covers, the reader is transported into the world of a fever-induced dream that plays by its own rules. When Elsa awakes back in the normal world to play with her brother, her muddy hands are the only sign of her other worldly adventures.

Anssi Hurme’s story of a dream world is illustrated by Maija Hurme. Anssi and Maija Hurme have published together also Arvid Lydecken Prize nominated Bat Boy (2014) and the Finlandia Junior Prize nominated Shadowed (2018).

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About the authors:
Anssi Hurme
Maija Hurme