Mirjam Lohi

Mirjam Lohi (b. 1961) is a Helsinki writer who, in addition to biographies, has written the novels The Coat (2008) and Elevator Music (2014). The Coat was a candidate for the Helsingin Sanomat Literary Prize and Elevator Music was on the final shortlist of three titles for the Toisinkoinen Prize. Lohi has written three volumes of a feel-good series, Mrs. Suominen Arranges: The Case of the Risen Dough (2018), The Secret of the Rose (2019) and The Riddle of the Mug (2020).

Here you can find a short interview with the author from our series, which will give you an even better picture of her work.

(Photo: Heli Sorjonen)

The Case of the Risen Dough (2018)
Secret of the Rose (2019)
The Riddle of the Mug (2020)