Märta Tikkanen

Märta Tikkanen (b. 1935) is a Finland-Swedish journalist, writer, and teacher.

In her broad output, translated into over 20 languages, she has critically dealt with gender roles and the shackles that bind women, as well as women’s liberation and the longing to realize oneself. She became a central figure in the Nordic women’s movement with her novel Manrape  (1975).

In 1979, she was awarded the Nordic Women’s Alternative Literature Prize and the Finnish Booksellers’ Thank You for the Book Prize. In 1983, she was awarded Finland’s State Prize for the Dissemination of Knowledge; in 1999, the Swedish literary De Nios Grand Prize; in 2002, the Swedish Academy’s Finland Prize; and in 2011, Finland’s State Literary Prize.

(Photo: Stefan Bremer)

The Love Story of the Century (1978)
Manrape (1975)